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Hull v Sheffield, 2nd April 1980 Sheffield v Wolverhampton, 5th June 1980 Wolverhampton v Sheffield, 4th July 1980 Sheffield v Hull, 10th July 1980 Apator Torun v Sheffield, 10th August 1980
Sheffield v Hackney, 11th September 1980 Wimbledon v Sheffield, 4th May 1981 Belle Vue v Sheffield, 16th May 1981 Halifax Northern Riders Championship - Final, 13th August 1981
Scunthorpe v Sheffield, 24th August 1981 Sheffield v Hackney, 8th October 1981 Sheffield v Cradley, 27th May 1982 Poole v Sheffield, 25th August 1982 Eastbourne v Sheffield, 22nd August 1982
Poole v Sheffield, 27th July 1983 Sheffield v Coventry, 15th September 1983 Bluey Wilkinson Memorial Trophy, 14th October 1983 Halifax v Sheffield,12th May 1984 Stones Open, 14th June 1984
Exeter v Sheffield, 1st June 1984 Newcastle v Sheffield, 23rd July 1984 Sheffield v Oxford, 16th August 1984 Oxford v Sheffield, 29th August 1984 Scunthorpe v Sheffield, 11th Sept 1984
Belle Vue v Sheffield, 2rd March 1985 Reading v Sheffield, 29th April 1985 Cradley v Sheffield, 15th June 1985 Swindon v Sheffield, 6th July 1985 Overseas Final, Odsal, 14th July 1985
Sheffield v Ipswich, 26th August 1985 Edinburgh v Sheffield,4th Sept 1985 Coventry v Sheffield, 12th April 1986 King's Lynn v Sheffield, 19th April 1986 Bradford v Sheffield, 9th August 1986
England v U.S.A., 10th August 1986 Sheffield v Cradley, 4th September 1986 Belle Vue v Sheffield, 6th September 1986 Sheffield v Hackney, 9th April 1987 Belle Vue v Sheffield, 20th June 1987
King's Lynn v Sheffield, 15th August 1987 Hackney v Sheffield, 31st August 1987 Belle Vue v Sheffield, 15th April 1988 Sheffield v Ipswich, 12th May 1988 Wolverhampton v Sheffield, 1st August 1988
Bradford v Sheffield, 6th August 1988 Reading v Sheffield, 8th August 1988 Sheffield v Belle Vue, 29th August 1988 Ipswich v Sheffield, 7th October 1988 Shawn Moran's Racing Decade, 28th May 1989

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