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2nd Post War meeting Sheffield v Middlesbrough, 23rd May 1946 Birmingham v Sheffield, 13th July 1946 Norwich v Sheffield, 3rd August 1946 Wigan v Sheffield, 19th April 1947
White City v Sheffield, 23rd April 1947 Belle Vue v Sheffield, 5th July 1947 Sheffield v Middlesbrough, 11th September 1947 Newcastle v Sheffield, 6th October 1947 Sheffield v Middlesbrough, 18th October 1947
Newcastle v Sheffield, 10th May 1948 Sheffield v Fleetwood, 20th May 1948 Glasgow (White City) v Sheffield, 26th May 1948 Sheffield v Ashfield, 14th April 1949 southampton v Sheffield, 3rd May 1949
Coventry v Sheffield, 7th May 1949 Halifax v Sheffield at Odsal, 13th August 1949 Norwich v Sheffield, 20th August 1949 Ashfield v Sheffield, 4th October 1949 Swindon v Sheffield, 13th May 1950
Leicester World Championship 1st round Yarmouth v Sheffield, 4th July 1950 Sheffield World Championship 2nd round Sheffield v Ashfield, 20th July 1950 Halifax v Sheffield, 2th September 1950
Liverpool v Sheffield, 9th April 1951 Sheffield v Hanley, 26th April 1951 Stoke v Sheffield, 5th May 1951 Cussens Trophy, 11th September 1952

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