Sheffield Track Details

Owlerton Stadium, Penistone Road, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S6 2DE. Tel: 0114 285 3142, Fax: 0114 285 3127

The SHEFFIELD WINDOW CENTRE 'Tigers' are promoted by Damien Bates, Peter Mole and Julie Reading
on behalf of Classtrend Ltd. Co. reg no. 2721528

Graham Trollope on his trusty steed

Life President		   Reg Wilson
Team Manager               Simon Stead
Clerk of the Course        Neville Stanley
Machine Examiners          Mark Grayson & Ashley Tew
Start Marshal              Lou Charlesworth
SCB Incident Recorder      Jack Lee & Louise Mole
Presenter                  Shaun Leigh
Pits/Environmental Marshal Chris Ward
Programme editor           Paul Rickett
Photographic editor    	   Andy Garner 
Track Curator              Graham Trollope
Commercial Manager         Ellie Fairbanks 07739 431167 
Licence No.                CL/1415
Homologation No.           AB1412
Track Length               361 metres
Track Record               59.1  Ricky Ashworth (Sheffield)   14th October   2010
        fastest since..... 59.2  Simon Stead    (Sheffield)   14th July      2016
        fastest in 2018... 61.10 Todd Kurtz     (Sheffield)    5th July 
                 (Junior)  61.4  Joe Jacobs     (Mildenhall)  13th September 2012

Owlerton Stadium

Owlerton Stadium
photos © G.Ridsdale 2007
Owlerton Stadium

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