Sheffield 'Star' Tigers Match Reports 1999

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Tuesday 18th May, KOC 1st leg

ISLE OF WIGHT 42                       SHEFFIELD 48
Phillipe Berge  0  3  2  3  2     10   Sean Wilson       3  3  2  2  3     13
Scott Swain     1  1  1' 0         3+1 Paul Lee          2' r  3  xm        5+1
Neville Tatum   3  2  3  3  0     11   André Compton     2  2' 3  2  1     10+1
Tommy Palmer    1  1' 1  1'        4+2 Simon Stead       0  3  1  3         7 
Wayne Carter    3  0  r  0         3   Scott Smith       2  2  2  1'        7+1  
Danny Bird      3  1  2  3  2     11   Peter Boast       1' 0  0  1'        2+2
Jeremy Barraud  0  r  0            0   Simon Cartwright  2  1' 0  1' 0      4+2 
1. Wilson, Lee, Swain, Berge. 70.7 (1-5) 2. Bird, Cartwright, Boast, Barraud. 72.4 (4-8) 3. Tatum, Compton, Palmer, Stead. 72.7 (8-10) 4. Carter, Smith, Cartwright, Barraud (ret). 71.8 (11-13) 5. Wilson, Tatum, Palmer (F/rmtd), Lee (ret). 71.6 (14-16) 6. Berge, Smith, Swain, Boast. 71.8 (18-18) 7. Stead, Compton, Bird, Carter (F/rmtd). 72.9 (19-23) 8. Lee, Bird, Swain, Cartwright. 71.6 (22-26) 9. Tatum, Smith, Palmer, Boast. 72.9 (26-28) 10. Compton, Berge, Stead, Swain. 72.6 (28-32) 11. Bird, Wilson, Cartwright, Carter (ret). Lee (ex-2mins). 71.1 (31-35) 12. Tatum, Compton, Boast, Barraud. 72.2 (34-38) 13. Berge, Wilson, Smith, Carter. 72.0 (37-41) 14. Stead, Bird, Palmer, Cartwright (F/rmtd). 73.3 (40-44) 15. Wilson, Berge, Compton, Tatum. 71.1 (42-48)

A cracking match between two thoroughly committed sides with Sheffield deserving their victory in the final analysis. An opening heat 1-5 was not the sort of start the Islanders were looking for and, at the same time, it acted as a huge boost to the Tigers.

Tatum and Palmer looked to be heading for a max in heat three until the latter drifted wide on the very last bend leaving a gap which André Compton exploited to the full snatching second place on the line by half a wheel.

Bizarre happenings in heat 5...Palmer fell on the first bend of the second lap and remounted just in time to see Paul Lee's bike give up the ghost 30 yards further on!

Stead, Compton, Bird and Carter produced a superb first lap dice in heat 7 before the latter fell and remounted on the first bend of the second lap as all four roared into the bend with the proverbial blanket covering them. Try as he might, Bird just couldn't find away past Stead or Compton who team rode brilliantly.

Lee won heat 8 for the Tigers to maintain their four point lead but the Islanders hit back with a heat 9 4-2 from Tatum and Palmer over Smith and Boast.

Sheffield looked to be heading for a max in the next until Berge managed to thread his way past Stead but just failed to catch Compton on the last lap.

Heat 11 was a cracker! Lee (excluded under the 2 min rule) was replaced by Cartwright. Bird and Carter shot from the tapes and looked to be heading for a surprise 5-1 over Wilson. However Carter's bike slowed (and subsequently died!) and then Wilson set about catching Bird. The young Islander reserve though held his line well despite frantic efforts from Wilson to pass and it was Bird who got the verdict by a whisper on the line. The two riders collided just after crossing the finish, Wilson taking a tumble but, thankfully, he was unhurt. 'Words' were exchanged but there really was no blame to be apportioned to either rider who were simply both going flat out for the finishing line. Perhaps Sean didn't like being beaten by a reserve????

The next three heats were all shared leaving the Islanders needing a 5-1 to draw but that was never on as Wilson led from start to finish and Compton pegged Tatum back into last place to anchor the Tigers' victory.

Machinery problems for Carter and a subdued performance from Swain didn't hep the Islanders but Sheffield rode determinedly throughout and deserved their victory

It looks all over with the second leg at Owlerton on Thursday but the Islanders DID win there in the league last year!!!!

Report by Bryn Williams

Thursday 13th May, PL

SHEFFIELD 68                         BERWICK 22  
Sean Wilson      3  3  f  3      9   Scott Lamb       2  1  2  0  2        7
Paul Lee         1  2' 1  2      6+1 Wesley Waite     rider replacement   (2)
André Compton    2' 2' 3  3  3  13+2 Claus Kristensen 1  ef 1  3  ef       5
Simon Stead      3  3  2' 3  2' 13+2 David Meldrum    0  0  1  2  1  1  1  6
Scott Smith      3  2' 1  2'     9+1 Tom Madsen       1  1  ef 1  0        3
Simon Cartwright 3  3  1  2'     9+1 Phil Pickering   1  0  0  0           1
Peter Boast      2' 2' 3  2'     9+3 Dean Felton      0  0  0  0           0

1 64.2 [ 4-2 ] Wilson, Lamb, Lee, Felton(r/r)
Sean passes Scott on the third bend. Paul seems down on power but easily beats Dean.

2 66.3 [ 9-3 ] Cartwright, Boast, Pickering Felton
Peter cuts to the inside on turn 1 to follow Simon home.

3 65.8 [14-4 ] Stead, Compton, Kristensen, Meldrum
André gets stuck in the mud on turn 1, but slips inside David out of turn 2 on lap 2, and after a long chase rounds Claus on the last bend.

4 67.2 [19-5 ] Smith, Boast, Madsen, Felton.
Peter traps, Scott goes around him, Tom doesn't.

5 65.2 [24-6 ] Stead, Compton, Lamb, Kristensen(T/S) ef

6 64.8 [29-7 ] Wilson, Lee, Madsen, Pickering

7 65.6 [34-8 ] Cartwright, Smith, Kristensen, Meldrum
Simon rounds Scott out of turn 2.

8 66.9 [38-10] Boast, Lamb(T/S), Lee, Madsen(T/S) ef
Peter traps while Tom sets up an outside run only to splutter to a halt. Scott tries the same on the last lap but Peter just inches it on the line.

9 63.2 [43-11] Compton, Stead, Madsen, Pickering

10 65.8 [45-15] Kristensen, Lee, Meldrum, Wilson f
A flying Sean is pitched off on the 2nd lap as his rear wheel spindle shears. Paul has no power to catch Claus.

11 64.7 [49-17] Smith, Meldrum, Cartwright, Lamb
Simon tries to joins Scud at the front but goes too wide and loses ground, but recovers to hold off Scott Lamb.

12 64.5 [54-18] Compton, Boast, Meldrum(T/S) fell-rem, Kristensen ef
Peter goes from 4th to 2nd to record his maiden PL maximum in fine style.

13 64.6 [58-20] Wilson, Lamb, Smith, Madsen
Scud blasts around Scott out of turn 2, but treats turn 3 with too much respect allowing Scott back through.

14 66.3 [63-21] Stead, Cartwright, Meldrum, Felton

15 62.2 [68-22] Compton, Stead, Meldrum, Pickering
André and Simon complete their maximums as the Bandits heat leaders throw in the towel.

Apart from Paul who looked down on power, the rest of the Tigers rliped into the Bandits with gusto. The track was heavy following rain but was eminently rideable as shown by Peter as he scored his 2nd maximum in 2 days! Simon(C) coped with his foot injury sustained at Blunsdon and Simon(S) also posted his first Sheffield max.

Sunday 9th May, PL

SWINDON 45                               SHEFFIELD 45
Glenn Cunningham 2  1  ef ef        3    Sean Wilson      3  3  3  3  2     14
Krister Marsh    1' 3  2  2         8+1  Simon Stead      rider replacement
Neil Collins     3  ef 2  1         6    André Compton    2  3  1  2         8 
Oliver Allen     1  2  1' 1         5+1  Paul Lee         0  1  3  3  2      9
Steve Masters    2  2  2  1  3     10    Scott Smith      3  2  3  2' 1'    11+2
Seemond Stephens 3  0  0            3    Peter Boast      1  1  0  0  0      2
Steve Bishop     2' 1' 1' 3  3  0  10+3  Simon Cartwright 0  0  0  0  1  F   1

Heat 1 - Wilson from the gate, Cartwright last. Nothing special.

Heat 2 - Stephens and Bishop a good way clear of Boast and Cartwright. [8-4]

Heat 3 - Collins won from Compton. Lee passed Allen only for Allen to repay the compliment in a close thing for third spot. Swindon 4-2 for a [12-6] lead.

Heat 4 - Smith and Masters have a real go for all four laps with Smith just taking the win. Masters not too happy about Scott zig-zagging down the back straight and words were exchanged afterwards. Cartwright a mile last. Still a 6 point meeting at [15-9] in Swindon's favour.

Heat 5 - Nice easy win for Wilson again but Collins has a last benf last lap EF to gift a point to Boast and a Sheffield 4-2. Lead cut to [17-13].

Heat 6 - Krister Marsh from the gate with Smith chasing and Cunningham a surprising last. However he soon gets past Boast but can't pass Smith. Swindon 4-2 restores the 6 point advantage.[21-15]

Heat 7 - Seemond Stephens out in front with Compton ever pressing and Masters third. Compton eventually passes Stephens who then goes in to reverse gear as he's also passed by Lee a bit later and eventually finishes last. Sheffield 4-2 means it's [23-19].

Heat 8 - Lee in as R/R and he makes a huge last lap last bend swoop to just edge out Marsh on the line. Robins fill the minor places. Swindon lead [26-22].

Heat 9 - Smith keeps up his fine form on the night with a win over ever trying Collins. Allen easily beats Boast. Still a four point meeting.[29-25]

Heat 10 - Cunningham stops, Lee wins from March and Compton. Sheffield cut the defecit to two thanks to the Cunningham EF. [31-29]

Heat 11 - That man Wilson again over Masters with Cartwright managing a point at the expense of Stephens. It's now level at [33-33]

Heat 12 - Steve Bishop with a nice win but Collins can't pass Compton. Swindon back in front at [37-35]. Wide open meeting.

Heat 13 - a crucial heat. Wilson is in front but Smith and Cunningham having a good old scrap. Disasterously for Swindon Cunningham stops again ensuring a Sheffield 5-1. The Tigers now lead by two. [38-40]

Heat 14 - Bishop in for Stephens who takes a win from Lee. Cartwright sitting nicely in third a mile in front of Allen. Going in to the last bend of lap four Cartwright looses it bigtime and falls whilst under absolutely no pressure. A safe Sheffield 3-3 turns in to a Swindon 4-2 so now it's all level with just heat 15 left at [42-42].

Heat 15 - Bishop and Masters against Wilson and Smith. Before tapes up it would have been odds on for a Wilson win - but no. Masters edges him out on the first turn and try as he may the Prawn can't make up the ground. Smith in third wioth Bishop all over him but Smith hangs on for third so it's a draw at [45-45].

Certainly a fair result. Memory a bit faded from heat 10 onward as was speaking with Rod so I hope I've got it about right. Swindon can point to two costly Cunningham EFs and fellow Sheffield fans will no doubt cite Cartwrights bizzare fall in heat 14 as costing them the meeting. Sheffield riders win 9 of 15 heats but with the reserves nowhere it wasn't enough.

Even before his two stops, Cunningham didn't look on the pace at all. Collins was in and out and Masters was well beaten by Sheffield riders before his superb last race win. Stephens faded after his heat 2 win. Allen was steady but Marsh and Bishop showed up well for me.

Sheffield - Wilson was superb and I guess most in the stadium would have backed him to win heat 15. Compton did his job well and Paul Lee was pretty good to take two wins and a second from his last three rides. Scott Smith was rider of the night for me with possibly his finest away performance. 11+2 from 5 rides, racing hard and passing people. Nice. However, Boast and Cartwright w-a-y at the back only actually beating an opposition rider once in 11 combined attempts.

Report by Andy Machin

Thursday 6th May, World Championship British semi-final

Carl Stonehewer    2  3  3  3  3     14  tot  27 1st
Sean Wilson        3  3  3  2  3     14       21 4th=
Shaun Tacey        3  3  2  1  3     12       21 4th=
Stuart Robson      3  2  3  0  3     11       24 2nd 
Glenn Cunningham   1  3  3  2  2     11       22 3rd
Ray Morton         2  2  2  3  2     11       21 4th=
Ben Howe           0  2  1  2  2      7       17
David Howe         1  1  1  3  1      7       14
Leigh Lanham       1  1  2  3  ret    7       11
Simon Stead        2  1  1  2  1      7        7
James Grieves      3  0  0  1  2      6       18 res
Lee Richardson     fx 2  2  ef 1      5       12
Paul Lee           2  0  0  1  1      4        5
Colin White        1  1  0  1         3        6
Savalas Clouting   0  ret             0        7
Lawrence Hare      0  ef              0        6

1 64.2 Grieves, Stonehewer, White, Clouting
The heavy, well watered track was too much for Sal with his broken fingers. Stoney was very careful about passing Colin, and almost seemed as if he didn't want to pass James?

2 61.9 Robson, Morton, D.Howe, Hare
Stuart passes Ray out of turn 2 and scorches to the fastest times this season showing the track has lots of grip. Lawrence makes a gash of the last turn on lap 2 allowing David to glean a point.

3 63.7 Tacey, Lee, Lanham, Richardson(fx)
Lee(R) rides the 4th bend like a novice and drops from 2nd to last. Leigh pulls a locker into turn 1 but quickly recovers, but only after Lee(R) has baled out. In the restart Paul harries Leigh all the way before executing a lovely sweep around the boards on the very last bend to steal 2nd.

4 61.3 Wilson, Stead, Cunningham, B.Howe
Sean obviously means business as he gets within 0.7 of Stoneys track record (despite the hard tyres!). Simon rides a beautiful line but Glenn doesn't look like the Owlerton specialist of last season.

5 62.4 Cunningham, Robson, White, Lee
Glenn traps this time and looks unbeatable.

6 62.9 Tacey, B.Howe, D.Howe, Grieves
Ben blasts away around the boards but cannot squeeze past Shaun. David is never troubled by a pedestrain James who shows no inclination to even try a move.

7 62.0 Stonehewer, Richardson, Stead, Hare(ef)
Stoney from the gate. Simon shows brilliant control to stay on board as Lawrence expires on the 4th bend without any hand signal leaving the smallest of gaps to squeeze through.

8 61.2 Wilson, Morton, Lanham, Clouting(r)
Sean goes even faster while Sal decides to call it a day.

9 61.7 Wilson, Richardson, D.Howe, White

10 62.8 Robson, Lanham, Stead, Grieves
James watches his qualification hopes fade as Simon goes around him on the 3rd lap.

11 62.2 Stonehewer, Morton, B.Howe, Lee
Stoney dives forcefully under Ray into turn 3.

12 62.0 Cunningham, Tacey, Allott, Moore
Shaun's bike explodes as they line up for the start and he quickly jumps on a spare. Young Adam and Andy not far off the pace. (Lawrence has withdrawn having blown both engines, and Sal because of his injured fingers.)

13 62.0 Lanham, B.Howe, White, Allott

14 63.3 Morton, Cunningham, Grieves, Richardson(ef)

15 62.2 Stonehewer, Wilson, Tacey, Robson
Stoney and Sean have a wheel to wheel 4 lap dice but Carl uses his track craft to secure the win.

16 62.5 D.Howe, Stead, Lee, Moore
David makes his one gate of the night to defeat his old team mate.

17 62.7 Tacey, Morton, Stead, Allott
Shaun means business as he moves Ray out on the 2nd turn.

18 62.68 Wilson, Grieves, Lee, Allott
James traps but Sean grabs his British Final place by going around him into turn 3. Paul never stops trying but the track is getting a little slick and he cannot make it past.

19 62.2 Stonehewer, Cunningham, D.Howe, Lanham(r)

20 63.4 Robson, B.Howe, Richardson, Moore
Stuart chases hard for 4 laps and switches sweetly inside Ben exiting the last turn to snatch the win.

Run-off for 1st place on the night.
62.9 Carl gets the drop from the inside gate and chase as he might Sean has no answer.

Stoney was obviously happy to show the Sheffield promotion that they made a mistake in not negotiating with him, but Glenn Cunningham was not on the same form which saw him beat Stoney from the back last season, indeed he never looked like making a pass all night. Sean was joint 8th following Mondays round at Wolverhampton and therefore needed to overhaul 2 riders if he was to qualify. Ben Howe was a soft target as he so rarely rides Owlerton, but the way James Grieves surrendered his 5 point advantage was a surprise. The grip did move out wide towards the end but produced some good racing and the fastest times of the year.

Friday 30th April, PL

Edinburgh Monarchs 58		             Sheffield Tigers 32	 	 	 
James Grieves	 3  3  3  3  3       15    Sean Wilson      2  3  3  2  1  M    11
Blair Scott 	 1  1  3  1           6    Paul Lee         0  0  N              0
Kevin Little 	 3  1' 2  2           8+1  André Compton    2  2  2  2  3  1    12
Stewart McDonald 1  2  1' 2'          6+2  Simon Stead      F  1' 2  0  1        4+1
Peter Carr	 3  3  3  2' 2'      13+1  Scott Smith      1  0  1' 0           2+1
David McAllan 	 2' 0  0              2+1  Simon Cartwright 1  1' 0  1  0        3+1
Ross Brady	 3  2' X  0  3	8+1  Peter Boast      F  0  0              0

Heat 1: James Grieves, Sean Wilson, Blair Scott, Paul Lee [57.9]
James Grieves made a great start to head Wilson and Blair Scott edged out Paul Lee. Wilson tried the inside and outside lines but failed to pass. Grieves won in the fastest time this season. (4-2) (4-2)

Heat 2: Ross Brady, David McAllan, Simon Cartwright [60.5]
Brady gated as per usual in this heat but McAllan was last away. Boast was slithering all over the track and McAllan soon passed him and set off after the erratic Cartwright. After a couple of failed attempts, McAllan finally got through on the last bend when Cartwright lost position. Boast fell earlier when well behind. (5-1) (9-3)

Heat 3: Kevin Little, André Compton, Stewart McDonald [59.9]
André Compton made the start from Little and McDonald. Stead fell after failing to pass McDonald. Little chased Compton all the way and got passed after Compton made a slip on the fourth bend. (4-2) (13-5)

Heat 4: Peter Carr, Ross Brady, Scott Smith, Peter Boast [57.9]
An all too predictable 5-1 from the home riders. (5-1) (18-6)

Heat 5: Sean Wilson, Stewart McDonald, Kevin Little, Paul Lee [59.1]
Sean Wilson stopped the rot with a win over Stewart McDonald. Paul Lee made a brave surge on the line but just failed to pass Little. (3-3) (21-9)

Heat 6: James Grieves, André Compton, Blair Scott, Scott Smith [58.8]
Possibly sensing another home 5-1 was on the cards, Sheffield replaced Cartwright with André Compton. Compton managed to take second place ahead of Blair Scott with Smith trailing. (4-2) (25-11)

Heat 7: Peter Carr, André Compton, Simon Stead, David McAllan [58.2]
Peter Carr blasted ahead to win from Compton. McAllan missed the start but pushed Stead all the way. (3-3) (28-14)

Heat 8: Blair Scott, Simon Stead, Simon Cartwright [60.8]
Another tactical substitution by Sheffield with Simon Stead in for Peter Boast. Blair Scott and Ross Brady looked to be heading for another 5-1 when Brady spun on the second bend he appeared to have recovered when Paul Lee clipped him. Brady was excluded and Lee was out of the rerun (and the meeting) with a wrist injury. Cartwright came in for Lee but Blair Scott won with ease. (3-3) (31-17)

Heat 9: Sean Wilson, Kevin Little, Stewart McDonald, Simon Cartwright [58.4]
Sean Wilson came in as a tactical substitute for Scott Smith. Substituting a heat leader in heat 9 was a measure of desperation in the Sheffield camp. (3-3) (34-20)

Heat 10: James Grieves, André Compton, Blair Scott, Simon Stead [59.1]
Grieves won again over Compton. Blair Scott swept past Simon Stead. (4-2) (38-22)

Heat 11: Peter Carr, Sean Wilson, Scott Smith, David McAllan, [58.7]
This was the best heat of the night. Wilson had the drop on Carr from the gate with tactical substitute Scott Smith ahead of McAllan. Peter Carr harried Wilson for nearly four laps and managed to get past coming out of the last bend. (3-3) (41-25)

Heat 12: André Compton, Kevin Little, Simon Cartwright, Ross Brady [59.5]
Compton headed Little with Brady stuck at the back. The Monarchs youngster surged past Cartwright without trouble but then seemed to slow down. Cartwright repassed and secured Tigers' first (and only) heat advantage. It also ensured the bonus point for Sheffield. (2-4) (43-29)

Heat 13: James Grieves, Peter Carr, Sean Wilson, Scott Smith [58.6]
Grieves and Carr gated for a maximum. (5-1) (48-30)

Heat 14: Ross Brady, Stewart McDonald, Simon Stead, Peter Boast [60.3]
Monarch put in Ross Brady as a reserve change for McAllan. Brady was backed up my McDonald for a maximum. (5-1) (52-31)

Heat 15: James Grieves, Peter Carr, André Compton, Simon Cartwright [59.3]
There was a first-bend pile up. The referee invited all four back. Wilson, whose footrest broke in the first attempt, failed to get a replacement bike going and was two-minuted. Cartwright came in for Wilson, After another false start, Grieves and Carr completed full and paid maximums. (5-1) (58-32)

James Grieves carded his first ever maximum in a league and was untroubled throughout. Peter Carr had to work hard to pass Sean Wilson in heat 11 but won had few problems otherwise. Kevin Little was slightly below par but only lost to Wilson (twice) and Compton.

Blair Scott and Stewart McDonald also only lost to Compton and Wilson. Ross Brady had a typical evening with two wins, one paid win, one last and an exclusion after falling when in a paid win position. David McAllan is suffering from poor starting and after coming from the back for a paid win in heat 2, he failed to score after pushing Simon Stead hard in heat 7 and missing out to tactical substitute Scott Smith in heat 11.

Wilson and Compton apart, Sheffield looked a sorry bunch around Armadale although Simon Cartwright showed some good signs. Scott Smith has never done much at Armadale but equalled his worst ever score only beating McAllan in his tactical substitute ride.

Paul Lee and Simon Stead appear to be going backwards. Lee was impressive two years ago and while injured in his third ride he never looked like scoring. Stead was ever more impressive last year with Peterborough but only beat McAllan. Even Peter Boast has done much better at Armadale. Sheffield have some way to go before they can be considered as potential champions.

Report by John Lowe

Thursday 29th April, PL

Sheffield 'STAR' Tigers 60                 Edinburgh 'Monarchs' 30
Sean Wilson       3  2  2' 1'       8+2  James Grieves     2  1  2  0  0       5
Paul Lee          1  1' 3  3        8+1  Blair Scott       0  0  2  0          2
André Compton     3  3  2  3       11    Kevin Little      1  2  1  0  ef      4
Simon Stead       2' 2' 1' 3  3    11+3  Stewart McDonald  0  0  0             0
Scott Smith       3  3  3  2  2'   13+1  Peter Carr        2  3  3  2  3  1   14
Simon Cartwright  3  1  1  1        6    David McAllan     0  0  0             0
Peter Boast       1  0  1  1        3    Ross Brady        2  1' 2  0          5+1

1 64.4 [ 4-2 ] Wilson, Grieves, Lee, Scott
Sean goes around James exiting turn 2, and Paul eventually recovers from being filled in to find an opening left by Blair out of the last turn on the 3rd lap.

2 65.9 [ 8-4 ] Cartwright, Brady, Boast, McAllan
Simon traps and goes straight for the outside on turn 1, unfortunately he takes Peter with him which allows Ross to snach 2nd down the back straight. Peter tries the outside line out of turn 4 but Ross has his measure.

3 63.4 [13-5 ] Compton, Stead, Little, McDonald
André sweeps majestically around the entire field to lead down the back straight. Simon follows suit to pass Kevin out of turn 2.

4 63.4 [16-8 ] Smith, Carr, Brady, Boast
PC slow to start, so the ref. brings them all back. On the restart Scud is beaten into the 1st turn by PC, but then executes a beautiful pass out of turn 2 and then rides an exemplary line which gives PC no chances at all. At the back Ross goes around Peter(B) into the first turn on lap 3.

5 63.6 [21-9 ] Compton, Stead, Grieves, Scott
André flies from the gate. Simon starts like a snail, but gets his act together to slip inside Blair into the first turn on lap 2, and keeps up the pressure to scythe under James into the third turn on lap 3. Lovely stuff by Simon.

6 62.4 [24-12] Carr, Wilson, Lee, McAllan
PC flies from gate 1 and Sean doesn't have any answer.

7 64.3 [28-14] Smith, Little, Boast(res), McDonald
Scud easily from Kevin; Peter more than a match for sloth like Stewart.

8 63.3 [32-16] Lee, Scott, Cartwright(res), Brady
Bruce executes a lovely first turn to lead down the back straight. Simon finds the better line to pass Ross out of the second turn on lap 2.

9 62.2 [35-19] Carr, Compton, Stead, McAllan
Despite making his best start of the night Simon is passed by both PC and André out of turn 2. Peter goes on to record the fastest time so far this year around Owlerton. The ref. rings him in the pits to warn him about moving at the tapes.

10 64.9 [40-20] Lee, Wilson, Little, McDonald
Sean and Bruce leave the Monarchs standing, and Sean slows on the last lap to give Paul the win.

11 63.5 [44-22] Smith, Grieves, Cartwright, Scott
Scud traps, and although Simon is ready to punish any mistake from James none are forthcoming.

12 62.8 [48-24] Compton, Carr(t/s), Boast, Little
André and Peter have a battle of elbows at the tapes, followed by an aborted start. Under the restart's green light the tapes go up as PC is moving backwards (shame!) and André's fence scraping line is a match for all PC's efforts. At the back Peter(B) covers himself in glory by rounding (heat leader) Kevin out of the second turn of lap 2.

13 63.1 [51-27] Carr, Smith, Wilson, Grieves
PC makes no mistakes this time. Slow starting Scud scythes under James into the third turn on lap 1. Sean goes around James into the same turn on the next lap to share the heat.

14 64.8 [55-29] Stead, Brady, Cartwright, Little(ef)(t/s)
Ross and Kevin make the start but Simon(S) executes a tremendous first turn on lap 2 to round them both. Supermouse makes up ground to put Kevin under serious pressure but is baulked when Kevin's bike expires. He again gives chase and is inches away from catching Ross on the finish line.

15 64.0 [60-30] Stead, Smith, Carr, Grieves
With the points in the bag and the bonus looking comfortable the Tigers reward the hungry looking Simon Stead and Scud with nominated rides. Simon makes a lovely first turn to nose ahead of James out of turn 2. Scud off 3 switches back inside them to join Simon at the front down the back straight. PC had the same idea but Scud beat him to it in spades. There follows a three lap battle-royal as PC tries everything he knows to find a way past Scud, who in turn is protecting his partner Simon up front. It seems Scud has eyes in his arse as he is always in just the right position at just he right time and the stadium errupts to celebrate the fantastic maximum heat win; the perfect seal to a brilliant nights racing.

The hotly tipped Monarchs could find themselves struggling on the bigger circuits if this performance is anything to go by. Stewart McDonald was a liability, and James Grieves and Kevin Little didn't look anything like heat-leaders. I'm sure the roles will be reversed at Armadale tomorrow, but the longterm outlook could be bleak for the Monarchs. No Golden Double attempted by the Monarchs, surely a bad tactic with respect to the bonus point.

For the Tigers Sean was looking a little off peak, but with Scud and André both flying, backed up by impressive performances from both of our U21 finalists and valuable contributions from Boastie and Supermouse the fans were treated to the biggest win of the season (so far!). The track was well watered but after the first few heats rode perfectly. Simon Stead demonstrated techniques for passing both inside and out, and Scud was making inside passes as late as heats 13 and 15 so a big round of applause for Graham Trollope and his team.

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