Kasper Andersen
Kasper Born: Bramming Denmark 22nd August 1998
CMA (12mtgs) May (15) June (16) July CMA Aug CMA Sep CMA Oct CMA
4.20 4.80 4.70 n/a
Kasper joined King's Lynn for the 2018 season but found life in the premiership a bit of a handful. He was knocked unconscious and broke his collar-bone in an horrific three man pile up with Ricky Wells and Charles Wright at the Adrian Flux Arena at the beginning of July, losing his team place as a result. In his one home and three away matches he scored just 11 points for an average of 3.14.

Given the chance he jumped at the opportunity of joining the Tigers. On his first ever view of Owlerton he struggled, but the following night at Armadale he top scored with 13 points including a win over Ricky Wells. Six (paid eight) in the return match would have been higher if not for having to jump on a borrowed machine at the last minute (literally) in his last ride.

After struggling to make any kind of impression Kasper became the first casualty of the 2019 team but joined Redcar just in time to help them take away our unbeaten home record.

Current average from official fixtures in 2019 = 3.91

photograph by: Geoff Ridsdale Fastest times at Owlerton in 2019: 62.00   7 July
in 2018: n/a  
Highest scores: Home 5+2 v Redcar & Birmingham Away 7+1 v Scunthorpe (CS)
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Kyle Howarth
Kyle Howarth Born: Ashton-under-Lyne Greater Manchester 11th February 1994
CMA (20 mtgs) May CMA June CMA July CMA Aug CMA Sep CMA Oct CMA
7.22 7.08 7.17 7.27 7.41 7.11 7.15

Kyle was an accomplished grass track and motocross competitor before turning his attention to amateur speedway in 2008. Previous clubs include Scunthorpe, Poole, Somerset, Edinburgh and Swindon but he has become an important part of the Wolverhampton Elite league team.

Kyle first doubled down with the Tigers in 2016. He soon settled in at Owlerton and after solving some machine issues in mid-season he stepped up to assume the captaincy and inspired the Tigers into the play offs, and all the way through to the final despite his team mates dropping like flies around him.

A fantastic season 2017 saw Kyle steer us to Championship success and the Championship Pairs title with Lasse. Having put an impressive 1.44 onto his average he replaced Josh Grajczonek as the Tigers No.1 for 2018 after a lengthy stand-off with Workington who hold his contract.

Kyle and his close friend Charles won the Championship Pairs title at Somerset on the eve of the British Grand Prix but his average took a dip and he lost the no.1 jacket. Sheffield then suffered four consecutive home defeats with Kyle unable to fathom the problem.

Captaining the Tigers again in 2019 Kyle missed the Somerset match after having an extraordinary drug test result while guesting for King's Lynn at Eastbourne at the end of June. This turned out to be a trace of the co-codamol he was given in hospital after dislocating his shoulder when he crashed in the British semi-final at Redcar. Kyle dislocated it again in the re-arranged away match at Eastbourne on the eve of the Championship Riders final and missed the end of the season.

Official meetings average from 2019 = 7.10

photograph by: Geoff Ridsdale Fastest times at Owlerton in 2019: 60.82  11 August
in 2018: 61.81  19 April
Highest scores: Home 14 v Redcar (CS) Away 11 v Redcar & Leicester (CS)
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Drew Kemp
Drew Kemp Born: Osnabruck Germany 11 August 2002
CMA (14mtgs) May (17) June (20) July CMA Aug CMA Sep CMA Oct CMA
4.75 4.79 4.56 4.19 3.58

Drew rode for Mildenhall in the National League in 2018, starting the season at reserve and finishing as their No.1 as league champions with an average of 9.15. In the Championship he joined Ipswich towards the end of August replacing Connor Mountain and finished the season with a 4.64 green sheet average from his 7 matches.

When Drew was looking for a Championship team for 2019 he looked to Danny King's for advice and readily agreed terms to follow him in joining the Tigers. After a blinding start to the season in the reserve berth he found it a real struggle in the team. Drew won the National League Pairs at Owlerton for Kent and then was dropped from the Tigers team to allow Broc Nicol to return from injury.

Current average from official fixtures in 2019 = 3.95

photograph by: Geoff Ridsdale Fastest times at Owlerton in 2019: 62.00   5 May
in 2018: n/a  
Highest scores: Home 13+1 v Scunthorpe (CS) Away 11 v Berwick (CL)
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Zaine Kennedy
Zaine Kennedy Born: Redcliffe Queensland, Australia 5th April 1998
CMA (7mtgs) May (9) June (12) July (13) Aug (20) Sep CMA Oct CMA
3.86 4.11 3.83 3.93 3.80 4.00 4.00

Zaine visited the UK in 2018 and had after meeting rides at several tracks. He was also invited to race in the Sheffield "Top Gun" meeting. After falling on the first lap he jumped back on but finished last in his first ride. Second time out he passed Josh McDonald high and wide on the first lap and finished well ahead of Nathan Greaves. His third race saw him in a four lap tussle eventually won by Simon Lambert, but he still finished ahead of both Connor Mountain and Danny Ayers. James Shanes passed him and went on to win heat 15, and after being left at the tapes Zaine picked off both Tom Wooley and Jamie Holder on the first lap of heat 18, and then Jamie Coyle on the third lap.

In the semi-final Connor Mountain trapped but Zaine rode out of his skin to qualify for the final. Connor trapped ahead again in the final with Zaine scraping the fence to try and pass him. Simon Lambert and Nathan Greaves could only watch.

Zaine seems to be riding on the limit at all times and as such has more than his fair share of incidents, the most recent resulting in broken ribs and a bruised lung at Scunthorpe in June.

Average from official fixtures in 2019 = 3.96

photograph by: Geoff Ridsdale Fastest times at Owlerton in 2019: 61.44   09 June
in 2018: 63.81   19 July
Highest scores: Home 10+1 v Edinburgh (CL) Away 9+1 v Glasgow (CL)
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Danny King
Danny King Born: Maidstone Kent 14th August 1986
CMA (20 mtgs) May CMA June CMA July CMA Aug CMA Sept CMA Oct CMA
8.24 8.44 9.23 9.36 9.04 8.95 8.67

Danny, younger brother of Jason, started his career with the Peterborough and Swindon conference sides. Other teams included Reading and Arena Essex before joining Ipswich. He doubled with Mildenhall (2004&6) and Rye House (2005). He was a Puma in 2007/8 and returned to Ipswich in 2009. He then joined the Brummies for four seasons from 2011 but also rode for Newcastle and Lakeside in 2014. 2015 saw him doubling with Ipswich and Coventry, and then with Leicester for two years from 2017.

Individual honours include U18 British Champion in 2004, and British Champion in 2016. He finished second to Simon Stead in the 2014 PLRC beaten only by the winner, and 5th in 2016 behind Simon Stead, Sam Masters, David Bellego and Richard Lawson.

Danny rode in the 2016 Cardiff Grand Prix where he scored seven points and took the scalps of Freddy Lindgren, Chris Harris, Peter Kildemand, Chris Holder, Bartoz Zmarzlik, Matej Zagar and Greg Hancock!

Danny sustained a serious left arm injury at Foxhall Heath on the 3rd May which kept him out of the saddle for the rest of the season, but he is fit and raring to go for the Tigers in 2019.

Official meetings average from 2019 = 8.52

Maximums: Full = 1 Home, Paid = 1 Home

photograph by: Geoff Ridsdale Fastest times at Owlerton in 2019: 59.63  2 June
in 2017: 61.62  12 Oct.
Highest scores: Home 16 v Scunthorpe (CL) Away 13 v Birmingham (CL)
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Todd William Kurtz
Todd Kurtz Born: Cowra, New South Wales Australia 4th November 1992
Init CMA May CMA June CMA July CMA Aug CMA Sept CMA Oct CMA
5.27 5.33 5.43

Todd was U16 New South Wales, and U16 Australian champion in 2008 before joining National league Newport in 2009. He rode in both Premier and National leagues for the Wasps in 2010 and after becoming Australian Long Track champion he returned to Newport and Coventry in 2011. He defended his Aussie Long Track title in 2012 before joining Plymouth, with whom he stayed in 2013.

He helped Somerset to a Premier Fours win in 2014 before returning to Plymouth, going on to claim another Fours win with the Devils in 2016.

Todd's best result in 2017 was a 5 ride paid maximum against Berwick and as a 'Driller man' ever since his Newport days he enjoys working closely with his sponsor, Sheffield co-promoter Peter Mole. In 2018 he is doubling up with Leicester 'Lions' in the Premiership, although the promoters and his team manager are the same in both leagues. The extra action seems to suit Todd and he is improving his average week by week.

Todd returned to the Somerset Rebels in 2019 but guested for the Tigers scoring 8 paid 10 in our narrow win against the Scorpions. He scored 10 for the Rebels but received scant support as the Tigers recorded a comfortable win. Once he was released by the Rebels the Tigers jumped to sign him to replace injury victim Broc Nicol.

Official meetings average from 2019 = 5.71

photograph by: Geoff Ridsdale Fastest times at Owlerton in 2019: 60.38  30 June
in 2018: 61.1  5 July
Highest scores: Home 12+1 v Glasgow (CL) Away 9 v Redcar (CL)
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Josh MacDonald
Josh MacDonald Born: Cessnock New South Wales, Australia 20th January 1997
CMA May June (2) July (7) Aug (11) Sep CMA Oct CMA
n/a n/a 4.21 4.39 4.36 4.58 4.00
Josh was spanner man for Ty Proctor and rode in the 2019 Top Gun meeting finishing joint 5th with Leon Flint. Scheduled to ride for Workington he was left without a team place when the Comets closed before the season ever started.

He was drafted into the team to replace Kasper Andersen and picked up 2 points on his debut at Birmingham despite having his best bike written off on the first bend of heat 2.

Without setting the track alight at Owlerton he is a steady scorer and has a higher average than fellow Aussie Zaine by virtue of his better away form.

Current average from official fixtures in 2019 = 3.94

photograph by: Geoff Ridsdale Fastest times at Owlerton in 2019: 60.02 14 July
in 2018: n/a
Highest scores: Home 8+2 v Glasgow (CL) Away 8+2 v Scunthorpe (CL)
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Broc Nicol
Broc Nicol Born: Torrance California, USA 22nd April 1998
CMA (20mtgs) May CMA June CMA July CMA Aug CMA Sep CMA Oct CMA
3.59 4.00 4.34 4.34 4.34 4.34 5.16
When Broc joined the Tigers in 2018 his only previous experience in Britain was two World Team Cup matches for the USA in which he scored just one point. He has a very useful sponsor in the shape of Hagon Shocks. In his second ever race at Owlerton he blasted around the field to head home Richie Worrall and Paul Starke. Excellent returns at both Scunthorpe and Lakeside were unfortunately not matched at home even when he reverted to reserve in the last home match against Edinburgh.

Broc was running into good form and had just scored 15 guesting for Scunthorpe at Eastbourne. In another guest appearance at Leicester he was rammed by Josh Bates suffering concussion and a broken collar bone. Broc returned to the States to seek medical attention but found himself dropped from the team at the end of July.

Broc replaced Drew Kemp just in time for the Tigers visit to Eastbourne where he once again demonstrated his affinity for the Arlington track.

Current average from official fixtures in 2019 = 5.59

photograph by: Geoff Ridsdale Fastest times at Owlerton in 2019: 61.05   11 September
in 2018: 62.19   21 June
Highest scores: Home 7+1 v Scunthorpe & Newcastle (CL) Away 17 v Eastbourne (CL)
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Tyron Proctor
Ty Proctor Born: Longwarry Victoria, Australia 27th February 1987
CMA (20 mtgs) May CMA June CMA July CMA Aug CMA Sep CMA Oct CMA
6.46 6.54 6.52 6.80

Ty first rode in Britain for the Redcar Bears in 2008 where his fiery style soon took him to the top of their averages. He doubled up with Wolverhampton in the Elite League in 2009, before going full time in 2010. Despite a poor season in 2011 he returned in 2012 and doubled up with Plymouth. He had a fall at Armadale in May 2013 but continued riding until he felt something 'go' in his neck at Birmingham. A slipped disc was the prognosis which required major surgery and forced him to miss the rest of the season. Ty was all set to lead the Somerset Rebels in 2014 until he was cynically dropped less than 24 hours before their press and practice.

Ty's form was patchy in the Elite league with Wolverhampton in 2014 and he joined the Tigers with the hope of regaining some confidence, but he initially struggled to get to grips with the pacy Owlerton circuit. A maximum against the Rye House Rockets showed he'd turned the corner and he was already in double figures when he crashed in heat 15 of the Newcastle match sustaining soft tissue damage and a troublesome hematoma in his left thigh.

With a temporary visa issued Ty had to prove he was of the required standard for the Premier League in 2015. Having achieved an 8.26 average (7.39 excluding bonus points) it turned out he had to include his 2014 meetings in the calculations and he joined Taylor Poole on the list of unemployable Australians.

Ty returned in 2017 for Workington, doubling up with King's Lynn in the Premiership in 2018. He represented the Comets in the Championship Riders final at Owlerton scoring 9 points for a 6th place finish.

Ty never really got his season going in 2019 and when Broc Nicol was injured the team was left in a difficult situation. Ty couldn't take any replacement rides, and the points from Drew, Josh and Zaine were insufficient. Justin and Todd would in all probability be an improvement hence Ty being released.

Official meetings average from 2019 = 7.13

photograph by: Geoff Ridsdale Fastest time at Owlerton in 2019: 60.00   9 June
Fastest time at Owlerton in 2018: 61.94   July 5
Highest scores: Home 10 v Somerset (CL) Away 10+1 v Redcar & Leicester (CS)
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Justin Maxwell Sedgmen
Justin Sedgmen Born: Mildura Victoria, Australia 17th February 1992
CMA (20 mtgs) May CMA June CMA July CMA Aug CMA Sep CMA Oct CMA
n/a n/a n/a n/a 5.54 4.88 5.20

Justin was South Australian U-16 champion in 2008 which prompted Somerset to give him his first chance in 2009. He rode for both Birmingham and Swindon in 2010, and Swindon, Newport and Plymouth in 2011. Victorian State champion in 2012 he rode for both Lakeside and Redcar over here. Triple winner with the Monarchs in 2014, and League champion again with them in 2015. He moved up a division with Swindon in 2016. Belle Vue and Rye House were his clubs in 2017 and returned north of the border with the Monarchs in 2019.

Justin's Grand Prix record is one appearance and four points.

Broc Nicol's injury left the Tigers looking to strengthen their line-up and along with Todd Kurtz who has a proven Owlerton record he will offer us more points scoring potential on the smaller away tracks.

Official meetings average from 2019 = 5.80

photograph by: Geoff Ridsdale Fastest time at Owlerton in 2019: 61.4  11 September
Fastest time at Owlerton in 2018: n/a  
Highest scores: Home 10 v Edinburgh (CL) Away 14 v Glasgow (CL)
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