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Photograph by Geoff Ridsdale
Josh Auty, Shane Parker, Ricky Ashworth, Emiliano Sanchez, Simon Lambert,
(kneeling) Ashley Birks, Hugh Skidmore
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Ricky Ashworth
Ricky Ashworth Born: SalfordGreater Manchester17th August 1982
Opening CMA May CMAJune CMAJuly CMAAug CMASept CMAOct CMA
7.77 8.05 8.00 8.29 8.14 8.17 8.36

Ricky was a grass tracker until the foot and mouth epidemic of 2001 put the sport on hold and persuaded him to try his hand at speedway. Less than 12 months later "Ricky who?" joined the Tigers.

Fast starting Ricky had a good solid first season in 2002, albeit with the odd mechanical problem, and was a major factor in the Tiger's fortunes. Started the 2003 season at reserve but had claimed the third heat-leader position by August. This earned him rides for Great Britain in the U21 test match wins against Sweden scoring 4+1 at Reading, and a commendable 7 at Wolverhampton.

Ricky doubled up for the Peterborough Panthers in the Elite League in 2004, and 2005 saw him riding for both Sheffield and the Poole Pirates. Ricky concentrated solely on the Tigers in 2006 proudly wearing the No.1 race jacket, and his best meetings seemed to be when he assumed the captaincy when André was injured.

Ricky made the No.1 race jacket his own in 2007 and again improved his average. He sustained a wrist injury in the Premier 4's at Peterborough in July causing him to miss four meetings, but scored 16 (paid 18) in his return match against Edinburgh in August. His best away performance was 13 points at Mildenhall which included a thrilling 5-1 with André in heat 15 to steal victory.

Ricky's 2008 season came to a premature conclusion with a broken wrist sustained in a crash with Trent Leverington in the away win at Glasgow. Ricky bounced back to captain the Tigers through their 2009 season and finished the season in style by becoming the Premier League Riders Champion.

Richard got a few meetings doubling up for his local club Belle Vue in the Elite League during 2010 but relinquished the Sheffield captaincy while struggling to find his best form. Ricky set a new track record in the Play-off final, the last meeting of the season at Owlerton.

Current average from official fixtures = 8.36

photograph by:Geoff Ridsdale Fastest time at Owlerton in 2011 60.5  July 21
Fastest time at Owlerton in 2010:59.1October 14 (lap record)
Highest scores: Home 15 (max) v Ipswich (PL) Away 13 v Rye House (PL)
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Josh Auty
Josh Auty Born: DewsburyYorkshire8th September1990
Opening CMA May CMAJune CMAJuly CMAAug CMASep CMAOct CMA
7.70 7.98 8.09 8.11 8.20 8.11 8.05

From the age of 12 Josh was a regular at the Sheffield training track and had unlimited second-half and interval rides on the main Owlerton track. He became British Schoolboy Grass Track champion in 2001 (Junior), 2002 & 2003 (Intermediate) and on the speedway tracks he was the British Under 15 champion in both 2004 and 2005.

He made his Conference League debut for the Scunthorpe Scorpions in 2005 scoring paid 13 and went on to help them win all manner of silverware in 2006 and 2007. Having signed a contract with Elite League Coventry he made his Premier League debut for Rye House at King's Lynn in the Playoff semi-final in 2006, falling twice and failing to score. Josh made 21 appearances for Redcar in 2007 finishing the season with a 7.23 average. Still at Redcar in 2008, but no longer at reserve a poor run saw his confidence dip and his average slipped to 5.36 prompting Sheffield to approach his parent club to sign him on loan for the 2009 season.

Josh toured Australia during the winter months under the auspices of the Darren and Sharon Boocock speedway scholarship. He had a very successful time down under, qualified to ride (as a guest) in the Australian final and will be eager to continue his vein of form into the 2010 season when he will also be doubling up for his parent club Coventry in the Elite League.

Josh returns as a Tiger in 2011 and can be expected to challenge for the number 1 spot.

Visit Josh's website

Current average from official fixtures = 8.05

photograph by:Geoff Ridsdale Fastest time at Owlerton in 2011 60.1  September 8
Fastest time at Owlerton in 2010:61.1 June 3
Highest scores: Home 17+1 (max)  v  Scunthorpe (CH) Away 15+1 v Scunthorpe (CH)
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Ashley Birks
Ashley Birks Born: Sheffield South Yorkshire19th October 1990
Opening CMA May CMAJune CMAJuly CMAAug CMASep CMAOct CMA
3.00 3.00 3.20 3.47 3.69 3.61 4.08

Ashley joins the Tigers on-loan from the Scunthorpe Saints whom he joined last year. An ex-motorcross rider he took up speedway following serious leg injuries, although he is also an accomplished cycle speedway rider.


Ashley starts the campaign on a 3 point average but will be learning from his experienced team mates and looking to grab some big scores to challenge for a team slot.

Current average from official fixtures = 3.57

photograph by:Geoff Ridsdale Fastest time at Owlerton in 2011: 61.3 September 8
Fastest time at Owlerton in 2010: 64.7 September 16
Highest scores:


10+2 (paid max) Newcastle (PL) Away 7+2 v Workington (KO)
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Simon Lambert
Simon Lambert Born: BostonLincolnshire21st February1989
Opening CMA May CMAJune CMAJuly CMAAug CMASep CMAOct CMA
3.47 3.87 4.00 4.77 4.98 5.09 5.54

Simon finished third behind Josh Auty and Shane Waldron in the 2004 British Under 15 Championship, scoring 9 points at the Sheffield round. After riding for the Boston Barracudas he made his Premier League debut for King’s Lynn in 2005 and went on to ride four seasons with his parent club.

Forced out by the points limit Simon joined Scunthorpe for 2009 and held down a 5.79 average. He started the 2010 season as the Scorpions’ number seven but struggled to match his previous form and was released at the end of June. Simon joined the Tigers to replace Arlo Bugeja and soon moved up a gear becomming a favourite with the fans.

Simon is determined to increase his average this season so we can expect some fireworks on track...

Current average from official fixtures = 5.54

photograph by: Geoff Ridsdale Fastest time at Owlerton in 201161.0 September 29
Fastest time at Owlerton in 2010 61.2  August 5
Highest scores: Home 11+2 v Rye House (PL) Away 12  v Somerset (PL)
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Shane Parker
Shane Parker

Born: Adelaide

South Australia

29th April


Opening CMA May CMAJune CMAJuly CMAAug CMASep CMAOct CMA
7.95 7.82 7.96 8.08 8.19 8.34 8.71
Shane was the South Australian State Under-16 champion in 1984 and 1985 and Australian U16 champion in 1985. He has five South Australian titles to his name and ventured across the world as a 19 year-old to join second division Ipswich in 1990. In the years that followed he has appeared for Middlesborough, three spells at King's Lynn, Hull, Belle Vue, Peterborough and a six year spell at Glasgow during which time they picked up two championship wins.

He shocked the Ashfield supporters by announcing he was not returning in 2010 as he wanted to spend time with his family at weekends, and subsequently joined Somerset for the season.

In Poland he has ridden for Machowa, Wanda Krakow, Wokniarz Czestochowa, Gniezno, Polonia Bydgoszcz and GKM Grudziaz. His Swedish clubs were Smerdna and Kaperna and he became Swedish 2nd division Riders Champion while attached to Piraterna.

He was also principally involved in the regeneration of the Speedway Riders Association. Shane now thinks it's time he found himself a 'proper job' and will be taking his young family back home with him for good at the end of this season. Let's hope he bows out in fine style...

Current average from official fixtures = 8.35

photograph by:Geoff Ridsdale Fastest time at Owlerton in 201159.9

 September 8

Fastest time at Owlerton in 2010 61.7  September 2
Highest scores: Home 17+1 (paid max) v Leicester (PL) Away 15+2 Workington (KO)
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Emiliano Sanchez
Emiliano Sanchez Born: Buenos AiresArgentina9th December1977
Opening CMA May CMAJune CMAJuly CMAAug CMASep CMAOct CMA
6.64 6.46 6.47 6.07 6.06 5.93  6.06
Argentinean Emiliano Sanchez joined the Glasgow Tigers when he first came to ride in this country in 1999. After spending two seasons with Trelawny he linked up with Hull where he was a vital member of the Vikings triple winning side in 2004. He became an asset of the Sheffield promotion when he was purchased along with his ex-Hull team mates following the Vikings demise and rode for the Tiges in 2006.

Since then he has appeared for Birmingham, Stoke, Scunthorpe and became another triple winner with King's Lynn in 2009. His 2010 season at Redcar came to a premature end with a hand injury suffered in August.

Emiliano returned to the lair for 2011 but picked up a shoulder injury in only his second ride. Two falls at Armadale in May saw him sitting out the meeting but he was fit in time for the visit to Newport. Another fall at the Oak Tree Arena saw him hurt his elbow and he misses the Redcar and Berwick meetings in June.

Current average from official fixtures = 6.06

photograph by: Geoff Ridsdale Fastest time at Owlerton in 201161.0 Sept 29
Fastest time at Owlerton in 2010 na
Highest scores: Home9+3 v Plymouth (PL) Away14+2 v Workington (PL)
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Hugh Skidmore
Hugh Skidmore Born: GlenreaghNew South Wales, Australia2nd November1990
Opening CMA May CMAJune CMAJuly CMAAug CMASep CMAOct CMA
5.69 5.80 5.89 5.76 5.81 5.90 6.09

Hugh joined the Tigers in June 2009 as cover for the injured Ritchie Hawkins. Neil Machin (who had been watching his development back in Australia) persuaded Eric Boocock to give him a chance.

Hugh grabbed the opportunity with both hands and scored 7+1 against Newcastle, claimed a heat win in the away draw at Berwick, and then an impressive 7+3 against mighty King's Lynn(!) while all the time impressing the Tigers fans with his 'never say die' style.

There would probably have been a revolt if he'd had to make way for Ritchie on his return to the track but that was neatly averted as Ritchie joined Scunthorpe to replace Adam Allott. He recorded his first paid maximum with 11+1 in the home win against the Rye House Rockets at the end of July.

Hugh was the first signing for the Tigers 2010 squad before he returned home where he had a successful summer which included beating Darcy Ward on his way to winning the New South Wales State Championship.

Hugh has been working hard during the Australian summer to finance new equipment ready for 2011 with the Tigers. He is currently the fastest man around the new Leicester track setting the track record in the very first race, and he's also the fastest man around Owlerton this year.

Current average from official fixtures = 6.09

photograph by: Geoff Ridsdale Fastest time at Owlerton in 201060.9 April 7
Fastest time at Owlerton in 2010 60.6  June 17
Highest scores: Home 13 v Scunthorpe (CH) Away 10 v Scunthorpe (CH)
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