Sheffield 'Star' Tigers Match Reports 1998

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Thursday 24th September, Premier League

SHEFFIELD 40                           IOW 50
Stoney        1  2' 3  3  2  3  14+1   Ray Morton    2' 1  3  3           9+1  
Tommy Plonker 0  1' 1            2+1   Neville Tatum 3  3  3              9
Andre Compton 1  2  2  1  3      9     Jason Bunyan  2' 1  0  2           5+1
Rene Aas      0  0  2            2     Scott Swain   3  3  2  3  2       13 
Scott Smith   3  3  2  1  1' F  11+1   Steve Masters 2  0  2  0           4
Glen Furniss  1' 0  0            1+1   Wayne Carter  3  1  0  2' 1' 1  1' 9+3 
Derrol Keats  2  0  0  F         2     Danny Bird    0  1' 0              1+1

Well, the IoW pull off a shock, but deserved, win over a highly disappointing Sheffield team. Only the second home defeat of the season for Sheffield so the Islanders can give themselves a hearty pat on the back. Pretty dull racing but let's take nothing away from the visitors. They were certainly up for it.

Tatum and Morton start with a shock 5-1 over Stoney with The Plonker in his familiar last place. Carter takes heat 2 then it goes wrong in heat 3 as Bunyan and Swain gain an easy 5-1 over Compton and Aas, who looked so bad I thought Plonker was out again. Smith stems the tide by winning heat 4 but by now it's looking real grim for Sheffield already.

Gets worse in heat 5 as Tatum gains an impressive win over the ever trying Comton but with Aas doing his Palmer impression IoW open up a 10 point lead. Smith is quickly brought in as a T/S to partner Stoney in heat 6. This works for a 5-1 so it's back to a defecit of six. Back to eight after heat 7 as Smith can't catch Swain. Compton comes in to heat 8 in place of Keats but it's only a 3-3 as Tatum is impressive again with his third win and Compton is close, but no cigar.

Palmer scores a shock point by gaining the significant achievement of beating Danny Bird. Another T/S for Sheffield in heat 9 with Stoney in for Aas. This results in a dubious Sheffield 4-2. Stoney wins easy enough but I thought Carter beat Compton for third although the ref saw different. Another Sheffield 4-2 in the next heat brings it back to four and we start thinking of a remarkable comeback.

Yeah, right. This goes away very quickly after an IoW 5-1 in heat 11 even though Carter inexplicably replaces Tatum he's too good for Smith. Compton gets it together to win heat 12 but with points shared again in heat 13 Sheffield need two 5-1s to draw and that's never going to happen. Aas challenges briefly in heat 14 but Keats falls trying to pass Carter to put IoW ten in front. Stoney wins the last and Smith takes a fall and IoWS go home with the win and bonus.

They certainly deserved it. Swain was excellent as was Tatum and the rest (Bird apart) all did their piece. For Sheffield, Stoney was less than his usual dominence, Smith faded badly again and Compton tried very hard but looked to be handicapped by some kind of problem. Palmer and Aas were diabolically poor and with no heroics from Keats we never had a chance.

Just not good enough. No way will my lot beat Hull in the play offs unless Aas and Palmer stop their private competition to see who is the worst and score some points.

Report by Andy Machin.

Wednesday 23rd September, Premier League

Hull 52                               Sheffield 37
Lee Dicken       6+1 from 4 rides     Carl Stonehewer 14   from 6 rides
Alan Graham      8+2 from 4 rides     Tommy Palmer     0   from 3 rides
Paul Bentley    15   from 5 rides     Andre Compton    2+2 from 3 rides
Paul Lee         5+1 from 4 rides     Rene Aas         9+1 from 6 rides
Paul Thorp      12+1 from 5 rides     Scott Smith      7   from 5 rides
John Wilson      2+1 from 4 rides     Seemond Stephens 0   from 3 rides
Simon Cartwright 4   from 4 rides     Derrol Keats     5+1 from 4 rides

Heat 1: Stonehewer from the gate a a very quick time 67.0, Dicken chased hard for first lap and a half before Stoney began pulling away

Heat 2: John Wilson gated and was well clear until the last lap when his bike gave out coming down the back straight, gifting the win to Keats, Wilson then pushed home, but was excluded for not crossing the line with both wheels. Anyone on the back straight or in the bar confirm that.

Heat 5: Bentley and Lee gated in front of Stonehewer and managed to keep him behind for four laps.

Heat 6: Dicken and Graham gated on Scud, and despite four laps of hard chasing Scud didn't really threaten Graham

Heat 8: Graham and Stoney gated side by side and raced that way until the back straight of the second lap when Graham went onto the grass and when coming off got a massive amount of drive and did well to hold on.

Heat 10: Dicken and Graham out front and flying, until the final bend when Dicken went down and was ploughed into by Graham, Compton and Aas did well to miss the prone riders, and Aas did well to not hit the fence, Compton did well not to hit track marshalls. Not sure whether Dicken was slowing down to wheely across the line, or he just lost it.

Heat 14: First attempt, Keats and Aas got the gate, Wilson ran into the back of Lee coming out of the second bend and hit the ground pretty hard, took a while but he got up and walked away gingerly. Re-run: Keats and Aas got the gate again, but a flying first lap saw Lee pass Keats and the Aas, and go on and win.

Heat 15: Thorp and Bentley v Stonehewer and Aas, Bentley still on a maximum, Bentley and Thorp gated, and for four laps Thorpy team rode Stoney out of it.

TC Harrison Match Race; the fourth meeting between Thorpy and Stoney, a cose race, which Stoney won.

Overall a very entertaining meeting, plenty of good racing and a pretty good crowd. Sheffield never looked like losing the bonus point. For them Palmer and Compton where the week links, and they probably would have done better with Boast rather then Stephens.

Rider of the night was a pretty popular choice, as finally Bentey managed to string five good rides in one night, rather than his usual four.

Stood on the home straight watching the match race, to see two very sore looking Vikings riders wandering back to the changing rooms, Wilson holding a shoulder and Graham limping very badly, hopefully both sould be fit for Friday.

Report by Nick Wilson

Friday 18th September, Premier League

ARENA-ESSEX 56                         SHEFFIELD 34
Brent Werner (g) 3  3  3  2'    11+1   Carl Stonehewer 2  2  0  3  1  1  9
Anthony Barlow   1  2' 2  0      5+1   Rene Aas        0  1' 1           2+1
Jan Pedersen     2' 3  3  2' 2' 12+3   Andre Compton   1  2  3  2  X  0  8
Matt Read        3  X  2' X      5+1   Tommy Palmer    0  1' 1' 0  3     5+2
Leigh Lanham     3  3  2  3  3  14     Scott Smith     X  X              0
Gavin Hedge      2  0  0  1      3     Peter Boast     3  1  1  1        6
David Mason      1' 1  1' 3      6+2   Derrol Keats    0  2  0  2'       4+1

This meeting was an absolute barnstormer and no mistake - "Can we race you every week...?" Jeepers Arena have hardly managed 46 points at home since Troy Pratt retired months ago but last night they were totally pumped and gave a superb display that certainly got Sheffield backs up and the crowd involved. The Hammering last night might have been related to the mauling the Arena boys recieved the night before - there was more needle than an Irvine Welsh novel.

Jan has a good memory it seems, heading towards the fence in that run-off (already a re-run itself) might have stuck in his mind. In his first race last night he rode side-shot to the fast gating Read and kept Compton out for four laps in textbook fashion. In their next ride Read gates again with Jan but on turn 4 Stonehewer clumbsily trys to barge through, Read goes down and is excluded, the home crowd agreeing with his assesment that Stoney took his leg. In the re-run Pedersen gates and is flying clear when Stonehewer slides off on turn 1. He is not making himself popular with the home crowd but they enjoy Pedersen's comfortable win at the third time of asking.

Out comes Stoney as a tac sub in heat 9 against Read and Pedersen again. Stoney makes the gate but Pedersen is a man on a mission and tracks his man in determind fashion before an excellent inside sweep that Stonehewer tries to counter thereby falling. Another win for Pedersen and Read gobbles up the handy second place too. Jan has eaten his Weetabix tonight and it looks like a three biscuit portion. Heat 12 really gets us going with Compton outgating the "super Dane" and riding a tough first turn. Pedersen comes alongside though after another chase and takes the inside line, Compton falls and Pedersen wins again. Afterwards Compton rides past the stationary Pedersen sitting just outside the pits and swings for the back of his head when Jan isn't looking. Cue big punch up rolling around on the floor and mass mayhem. As the announcer says of Compton's behaviour "That is totally ridiculous. There was no contact between the riders and he just fell off."

Adrenalin ? You bet. So who's in the Nominated then ? Lanham, Pedersen, Stonewer and... Compton. I see. Stonehewer sees the back of Pedersen for four laps as he follows Lanham home and keeps the two angry Sheffield boys well and truly at bay in rousing style. Stonehwer goes down further in the estimation of the home crowd by sticking his fingers up and gesticulating at Pedersen after Pedersen has just beaten him all ends up three times. Great stuff.

At last a good home performance from the Hammers in which all the riders contributed in gutsy fashion. Sheffield were sent packing and one suspects after the previous night's 62 point haul and Arena's dismal home record of late they were counting on an away win. You couldn't say they lost graciously but it was a cracking night's entertainment.

Report by Paul Tarry

Thursday 17th September, Premier League

SHEFFIELD 62                           ARENA ESSEX 28
Stoney        3  3  3  1' 2'    12+2   Colin White    2  2  F             4 
Rene Aas      1  2' 2' 2'        7+3   Anthony Barlow 0  0  0             0 
Andre Compton 3  3  3  3  3     15     Jan Pedersen   1  2  1  0          4 
Tommy Palmer  2' 1  1  2'        6+2   Mat Read       0  1' 0  2  X       3+1
Scott Smith   2  3  2  2         9     Leigh Lanham   3  E  2  3  3  1   12 
Peter Boast   1  0  1            2     Gavin Hedge    2  1  0             3
Derrol Keats  3  1' 3  1' 3     11+2   David Mason    F  0  1  0  1  0    2
The Tigers swept aside the most inept performance by any visiting side this season. I know Arena Essex have had their problems and been weakened by the retirement of Troy Pratt, but that cannot excuse their woeful display at Owlerton. Stoke have had their problems but at least they made a fight of it and entertained the punters.

Stoney sped to an easy win and Colin White outpaced Rene in heat 1. Derrol breezed to victory in heat 2 with a perfectly executed inside pass on turn 3 ('Dangerous Derrol' my arse) and Peter was gifted 3rd place when David Mason forgot how to turn left. Andre and Tommy claimed the first 5-1 in heat 3 and the Hammers first sign of resistance came with Leigh Lanham outpacing Scott Smith in heat 4.

Colin White held on to 2nd ahead of Tommy in heat 5 but couldn't touch Andre, and then the Hammers suffered a blow in heat 6. Leigh Lanham's bike expired while chasing Stoney and Gavin Hedge used the safety fence as a brake while avoiding him. Gavin proceeded to hit the fence a further 3 times before reaching the chequered flag! Smith romped to victory in heat 7 but Peter became the only Tigers to finish last all night as Jan Pedersen claimed his only finish ahead of a Sheffield rider! Derrol blasted high and wide around Colin White on the last bend of lap 3 in heat 8. Not to be outdone Chalky tried a similar manoeuvre on the last lap only to hurtle full throttle into the fence in an alarming looking spill. Thankfully he walked from the track, but took no further part in the meeting.

Andre outpaced Leigh Lanham in heat 9, and Stoney and Rene claimed another 5-1 in heat 10 (with Stoney riding Tommy's bike). Leigh Lanham won from Scud in heat 11, but Andre waltzed away with heat 12 ahead of Matt Read.

Heat 13 saw fast gating Leigh Lanham too quick for the pedestrian Stoney who slotted in behind Scud to share the points, while heat 14 saw Derrol and Tommy trapping ahead of Matt Read. Chasing hard Matt tried it all around the outside of the first turn but got it horribly wrong and rear-ended Tommy with both of them making a track inspection at very close quarters. Heat 15 was a moment to savour as Andre Compton swept majestically past Leigh Lanham to his first, and very much deserved, full maximum. (I hope Dave Jessup was taking note!)

Saturday 12th September, Premier League

Newport  56                        Sheffield  33
Craig Watson          8            Carl Stonehewer  12       
Scott Pegler          9+2          Tommy Palmer      0   
Mike Coles (g)       13            Andre Compton     7  
Anders Henriksson    16+2          Rene Aas          1  
(rider replacement)                Scott Smith       7 
Chris Neath           3+1          Seemond Stephens  3 
Martin Willis         7+1          Derrol Keats      3

Heat 1 Good start from Craig Watson, Pegler last to second around the inside of Carl Stonehewer and Tommy Palmer, the Newport pair team ride but with Stonehewer within striking distance of Peglar all the way but Pegler doesn't give Stonehewer an opening to go past him and Newport come home to a 5-1.

Heat 3 On the first bend Rene Aas falls, he seems unhurt, gets to his feet but does not clear the track, his fellow rider Andre Compton throttles back slows, the two Newport riders Henriksson and Coles carry on racing as the Referee hasn't stopped the race, as a consequence the race had to be stopped for safety and both of the Sheffield riders were disqualified.

Race 8 Tactical Substitutes for Sheffield... Smith in place of Palmer and Seemond in place of Keats. Martin Willis in 1st place with a good lead, Pegler and Smith changing 2nd and 3rd places during every turn, Smith would overtake Pegler at the start of the bend, Peglar would retake 2nd place coming out of the bend on the back straight, the Newport pair 1st and 2nd at the final turn, Smith gets a good line out of the last bend, pulls level and overtakes Peglar and takes 2nd place by a wheel length as they cross the finish line.

Heat 10 Close racing all the way from Watson, Pegler and Compton, Things look good for Newport but as they come out of the last bend Watson collides with the fence and falls, Peglar clips his bike and also falls but crosses the line mostly travelling through the air, the Sheffield pair cross the line safely. Unfortunately Watson and Pegler fell heavily bringing down part of the fence. Watson eventually got to his feet his leathers torn and back protector showing through, Peglar was taken by Ambulance from the track with a suspected broken ankle. The Referee awarded Compton 1st, Pegler 2nd and Rene Aas 3rd.

Heat 15 Henriksson fast out of the start gate into the lead, Stonehewer pressurising him all the way, Stonehewer tries to overtake Henriksson as they come out of the final bend but Anders closes the gap and comes home 1st to score his first 18 point max.

Don't be misled by the score line, this was a superb match with close, exciting racing and plenty of incidents. What a match!

Report by Ian Rodger

Saturday 5th September, Premier League

STOKE 43                               SHEFFIELD 47
Neil Collins     2  3  2  0      7     Stoney        3  3  3  3  2     14
Dean Felton      1' 2' 1  0      4+2   Tommy Palmer  0  0  0            0
Craig Taylor     3  2  2  2  0   9     Andre Compton 2  2  3  3  3  1' 14+1)
Mark Burrows     1' 1' F  F      2+2   Rene Aas      0  0  1  3         4
Paul Pickering   3  3  2  1  3  12     Scott Smith   2  X  3  2'        7+1
Stewart McDonald 3  1  1' 2      7+1   Karl Bagshaw  1' 1  1            3+1
Rob Clarence     0  0  0  1' 1'  2+2   Derrol Keats  2  1' 2' 0  X      5+2

Sheffield recover an 8 point defecit to win by four. I feared for Sheffield with Bagshaw at reserve but he got three points. OK, so he didn't actually beat anyone to get them, but they all count, right.

Stoney easily outpaces Collins in heat 1 but Palmer pulls out early so points shared. Stoke holding a comfortable 5-1 in heat 2 until Clarence falls on the last turn of the last lap so it's another 3-3. Stoke gain a 4-2 in heat 3 as Compton can't catch Taylor in a close race but Aas a distant last. 3-3 in heat 4 with Smith and Keats way behind Pickering.

Another easy win for Stoney in heat 5 but Palmer WAY WAY last and Stoke still lead by two. Smith surprisingly leads Collins for a couple of laps before falling and some quick reactions from Collins avoids a major accident. Smith excluded and an easy Stoke 5-1 over Bagshaw for a 6 point lead. They stretch it to eight in heat 7 with Pickering beating Compton and Aas another ling way last.

I figured Stoke would start to pull away, but I was wrong. Compton in as a T/S to partner Keats in heat 8 and it works well. Compton easy winner with Keats holding off Felton. Sheffield 5-1 and only 4 behind now. Smith wins the next but Burrows kindly falls when trying to pass him to gift another point to Bagshaw and Sheffield now only two behind. It's level after Compton beats Collins in heat 10. Fun (?) at the back with Aas at walking pace but Felton doesn't have the heart to pass him. Stoney wins heat 11 easily enough put good old Tommy at the back again. Still level. Compton takes heat 12, Keats falls trying to pass Clarence. 3-3, 36-36.

Heat 13 looking crucial but Smith backs up Stoney and Sheffield lead by four. I figured Stoke would get them back in heat 14 with the woeful Aas and Keats in against Burrows and McDonald. Wrong again. Aas makes the start and is out in front but Keats and Burrows literally locked together and hit the fence in a serious looking pile up. Keats immediately excluded by the ref but both on the track for a good while. Keats eventually walks away but Burrows in the ambulance with rib injuries. Aas pops out to take the re-run and so it's all on the last race. Stoke need a 5-1 to draw and they are never going to get it with Stoney in the race. However he's beaten by Pickering with Compton third over Taylor to seal Sheffield's third away win of the season and the bonus.

Stoke pretty terrible Pickering apart although Taylor showed up well. Most of them made to look good by the pathetic Palmer and until his heroics in heat 14, Rene Aas. These two must be asking themselves if they really want to ride speedway after their showing tonight although Aas did redeem to a degree and can usually be relied upon to have one good race per meeting.

Stoney was, well Stoney. Compton man of the match with an excellent performance and Smith did rather well too. Unusual for him away.

Just about worth the drive over but hardly an entertaining evening racing wise.

Thursday 3rd September, Premier League

SHEFFIELD 54                           STOKE 36
Stoney        3  3  3  3  3     15     Neil Collins     2  2  0  3  0      7
Tommy Palmer  0  0  2' 2'        4+2   Dean Felton      1' 0  1            2+1
Andre Compton 1' 1  1  2         5+1   Craig Taylor     0  1' 1            2+1
Rene Aas      2  T  0  3         5     Mark Burrows     3  2  2' 0  T  0   7+1
Scott Smith   3  3  2  1  1     10     Paul Pickering   2  2  3  3  2  2  14
Peter Boast   1  0  2'           3+1   Stewart McDonald 2  1' 0  1         4+1
Derrol Keats  3  1  3  3  1' 1' 12+2   Rob Clarence     0  0  0            0

Sheffield had to fight hard to overcome a spirited Stoke team. Although it should be enough for the bonus, you never know with Sheffield away from fortress Owlerton.

Stoney wins heat 1 easily enough but with Palmer an appalling last it's points shared. Keats impressive in heat 2 taking McDonald to win with Boast third for a 4-2. Aas and Burrows involved in a four lap wheel to wheel duel in heat 3 with Burrows just taking it. Compton can make no impression after being taken out of it on the first bend and it's a 3-3. Smith wins heat 4 after taking Pickering and another 4-2 for Sheffield.

Heat 5 sees Keats and Compton heading Collins and although he takes Compton he can't catch Keats and Sheffield ease in to a 6 point lead. Stoney has to work hard to overtake Pickering in heat 6 and with Palmer carrying on where he left off in heat one, points shared as they are in heat 7 after a Smith win. Keats gains another impressive win in heat 8 and with Palmer managing to hold off somehow Felton it's a 5-1 for a ten point lead. This disappears quickly in heat 9 as Pickering wins from T/S Burrows but Sheffield get immediate revenge in the next heat thanks to Stoney and Palmer who performs miracles to hold off Taylor and Burrows. Next two heats shared but Sheffield close it out with a 5-12 and a couple of 4-2s.

Sheffield generally in poor form apart from Stoney and Keats. Stoney had to work hard for his max and Keats was brilliant. Rider of the meeting again. Boast did his job but Palmer, Compton and Aas looked subdued. Smith had his usual good start before fading out again.

For Stoke, Neil Collins inconsistent but Pickering has never been so effective at Owlerton. Burrows was flying in his first three rides giving Scott Smith a very close race in heat 7 but the rest were very poor.

Overall, generally entertaining but I'll be none too pleased if this isn't enough for Saturday.

Report by Andy Machin.

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